Part #:
Part # Year Make Model Engine Features
HH422674 88-91 BMW 3 Series 2.5L I6 (MT)
HH422674 92-97 BMW 3 Series 2.5L I6 (MT)
HH422674 98-99 BMW 3 Series 2.8L I6 (MT)
VH422857 99-05 BMW 3 Series 3.0L I6 (MT)
HH422674 95-95 BMW M3 3.0L I6 (MT)
HH422674 96-99 BMW M3 3.2L I6 (MT)
HH422675 01-06 BMW M3 3.2L I6 (MT)
HH422087 08-13 BMW M3 4.0L V8 (MT)
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