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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Koyorad is pleased to introduce a high quality all-aluminum performance radiator to fit the 05-11 Lotus Exige and Elise 1.8L (naturally aspirated and supercharged).   This new application features Koyorad’s 48mm dual row, high density “Hyper core”.   Koyorad has also integrated “N-FLO” technology with tank partitions which create a multi-pass coolant path to maximize heat transfer in smaller engine bays.  In typical fashion, Koyorad has engineered this radiator with precision, designed to directly replace the stock OEM plastic/aluminum radiator for ease of install.  Koyorad’s superior quality, precision hand welds, reliability and uniformity are what have earned Koyorad their excellent reputation in performance radiators worldwide.





05-11 Lotus Elise 1.8L I4 

06-11 Lotus Exige 1.8L I4 (Supercharged)







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