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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

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Thursday, September 3, 2020


Koyorad is proud to introduce a high-performance radiator for the Japanese market 2JZ-GTE powered JZS161 Toyota Aristo.  This is an off-the-shelf application taken directly from our Japanese catalog and an excellent choice for the user who will retain the automatic transmission, but is also compatible with manual transmission models.  This radiator features Koyorad's robust copper/brass construction with anti-corrosive gloss black coating, and a three row high density core measuring over twice the thickness of the OEM unit for improved heat capacity and efficiency.  Factory fans, AC condenser, OEM radiator hoses and mounting provisions, are 100% compatible and will not require any modifications for installation.  Koyorad’s advanced engineering and design, proficiency in furnace brazing, and triple pressure testing for quality has earned their excellent reputation in performance cooling worldwide.



  • Three row, high density 50mm Hyper copper core
  • Robust brass tank construction with stamped Koyorad logo
  • Expert brazing by hand and oven furnace
  • High gloss black coating for corrosion resistance
  • Compatible with OEM fans, hoses and original mounting provisions
  • Integrated concentric style automatic transmission cooler
  • Triple pressure tested during manufacturing process for quality

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97-05 Toyota Aristo 2JZ-GTE AT/MT (JZS161 chassis)


Copper and Brass construction with internal concentric automatic transmission cooler


Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Reduce Intake Air Temperatures (IAT) with Koyorad's new all-aluminum high-performance front mount heat exchanger for the 15-20 BMW F8X: M3, M4, and M2 Competition. Our high-density core is 33% thicker than the OEM heat exchanger core, yet was specifically designed with a slimmer profile than most competitors to have minimal impact to the airflow through to the radiator behind it.  This heat exchanger retains 100% of the OEM style mounts and hoses, with CNC machined billet components and quick connect fittings requiring no modifications.



  • 100% Plug and Play, no modifications or cutting necessary
  • OEM style CNC billet quick-connect inlet and outlet provisions
  • 2 Row, high density 36mm thick, 49 tube (OEM 37 tube) Hyper Core
  • Lightweight heat exchanger upgrade, resulting in minimal stress on the plastic OEM heat exchanger mounts
  • 33% increase in core thickness over OEM heat exchanger core with minimal airflow restriction to the radiator
  • NFLO Dual Pass Technology
  • All aluminum construction, high polished finish, TIG welded and furnace brazed
  • Triple pressure tested during manufacturing process

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  • 15-20 BMW M3 and M4 (F80 F82 F83)
  • 19-20 BMW M2 Competition (F87)



Heat Exchanger: OEM equivalent: 17112284608

Friday, April 24, 2020

Koyorad is proud to introduce an improved lightweight performance radiator for the 1988-1991 Honda Civic/CRX swapped with B-Series engines.  Koyorad has engineered this TIG welded, all-aluminum radiator with 43% less weight than Koyorad’s original R-Core version, yet remains 56% thicker than the factory radiator, resulting in improved performance while cutting unnecessary weight. Koyorad’s high density Hypercore boosts the vehicle’s heat capacity and endurance while replacing aged factory radiators for improved tank strength and durability.  OEM mounting provisions have been retained for an easy installation and can be used with factory fans, and accepts the larger 32mm B-Series radiator hoses.  Koyorad’s advanced engineering and design methods, impeccable TIG welds, proficient furnace brazing techniques, and triple pressure testing for quality has earned their excellent reputation in performance cooling worldwide.

’88-’91 Honda Civic /CRX EF Chassis with B-Series, manual transmission

32mm inlet/outlet hoses for B-Series engines, Manual Transmission only.


• 43% lighter than Koyorad R Series Core
• High Density 25mm Hypercore
• 56% thicker core than OEM radiator
• Compatible with B-Series 32mm Radiator hoses
• Slim core profile benefits: OEM traction bar clearance, space for additional heat exchangers, cleaner look
• All-aluminum, furnace brazed, and TIG welded construction
• Triple Pressure tested


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