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Monday, November 19, 2018

Koyorad is proud to introduce a brand new 35 Row Competition Sized fluid cooler to join their current line of Universal Cooler cores.  This new Koyorad 35 Row Universal Fluid Cooler measures 11.25” x 11” with a 50mm core thickness and nearly one full quart of fluid capacity.  Koyorad universal oil coolers are lightweight, highly efficient and robust units that are able to resist deformation up to 10 Bar/ 145 PSI.   Each incorporates versatile -10 AN ORB (O-Ring Boss) provisions which allow users to easily adapt and/or reduce AN to AN fittings, or convert from AN to barb fittings to accommodate any racer’s budget and needs.  Choose Koyorad universal oil coolers in combination with a Koyorad all aluminum racing radiator for the best automotive cooling system on the market.



  • 11.25” x 11” x 2” core
  • 0.97 qt. (31 fl. ounces) volume
  • Versatile -10AN ORB provisions
  • Durable Black Finish
  • Optimized internal flow path
  • High density louvered fins



  • Engine Oil
  • Power Steering
  • Transmission Gear Box
  • Differential






MSRP: $360.00


Available: Now

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